BOS Consultation To The Report Of The Swedish Equality Commission

In reply to the consultation on the text published in August 2020, BOS’ declaration became part of its statement. It took two years for a large number of issues in Swedish companies, including gambling, damacai 4d to be published and treated.

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The amendments included in the study included a request by the State to play a far more useful role as a ‘gatekeeper’ by regulators Spelinspektionen, rather than as a general supervisor of the industry. lotto 4d today

In the Jämlikhets- kommissionen initiative, only one state platform, which it compared to the Swedish alcohol-store monopoly, could make all licenced operators’ goods open.

Within this scheme, the Jämlikhets- Kommissionenn also provided for a cap on the amount players will have to pay on all operators within a 24-hour span. There was no number to be set to this cap at particular hours or suggested to limit gambling. Swedish players are currently limited to SEK5000 deposits a month ($422/€489/$581). But other vertical games are not restricted.

Needed In Publicity.

Currently, in Sweden gambling advertising cannot be limited as press freedom advertising. The Equality Commission has, however, asked for a legislative reform, equivalent to the changes now in place for alcoholic and tobacco. It then called for mandatory alert on gaming advertising, such as gambling addiction, which raises suicidal risk and gaming addicted children who risk becoming a poor beginning of life. gambling addiction increases the risk of suicide.

Gambling Advertisement

More than 300 organisations like BOS were invited in January of this year to respond to the consultation by 12 April, with BOS replying yesterday (7 April). Jämlikhets- kommissionen suggested a centralised state portal and a constitutional amendment to limit gambling advertising. It vigorously rejected the association.

Freedom Expression

BOS opposes the recommendations and expects that future policy inquiries will rely more on evidence collection in future research work in order to clarify how Online gaming operates and what the results of multiple approaches are,” it added. “We feel that state websites would not be relevant for re-proposing or restricting the freedom of speech in the Constitution.

The Trade Organization also found out that the Swedish Government has not asked Jämlikhets-Kommissionen to investigate gambling policies and said that its research is not being examined by industry experts. Furthermore, in the light of the recent demand by BOS chairman Gustaf Hoffstedt, BOS channelling claims to decline in 2020, BOS also pointed that the Jämlikhets-Kommissionen has shown little concern for protecting the market licenced. He pointed out the problem of channelling in the Swedish market.

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Gambling Policy

The equilibrium act of gaming policy is to reach the highest degree of customer security without unchecked market leakage, it added. The challenge isn’t simple. The Equality Commission does not appear to be concerned about this complex balancing act. The Equality Commission now seems to be presenting recommendations which go much deeper in the direction of gambling policy investigations by the State.