Online Poker Approved in Italy

The world of online poker is currently under great scrutiny, with movements in the U.S gaining support to legalize the gaming option. Whilst proposed bills for regulating the online poker world are now being drawn up in America, other nations in the world are also looking at the prospect of allowing the poker sector to grow online. And it has now been revealed by the Italian gaming authority that players will be able to access online poker games from November.

Recent Government Approval for Online Casinos

Italy’s scrutiny on online casino gaming regulations is once again in the spotlight after the government revealed that it was to allow players the chance to indulge in online gambling. Embraced by gamers throughout the country, the move to allow online poker games utilizing real cash is a big step for a country who has only recently allowed citizens the freedom of playing from their own homes. And with AAMS, Italy’s gaming authority, revealing that poker cash services are set to start in November, many people will be preparing to start their online poker careers in the next few months.

Turnover in 2011 Soars as a Result

Online poker, along with other gambling, isn’t only of great benefit to players though, with the sector noting soaring revenue. With individuals able to play from home at their own leisure, gaming volume is predicted to have risen between three and ten times that of previous periods as gamblers flock to the internet. Turnover for 2011 is expected to hit a minimum of €10bn, with estimations for 2012 doubling the margin to €20bn. In addition, with the initial quarter of 2012 due to see slot games also finding a place online, alongside bringing in a number of foreign operators, Italy is due phenomenal success for the new online gambling sector.

Playtech Set for Italian Market

Whilst the AAMS have specific requirements for operators offering gaming, it has already been revealed that Playtech are the first authorized provider who will offer Italian online poker games from November. And with the United States also likely to open the online poker sector to consumers later this year, 2011 looks set to be the start of a golden age for online gambling.